together we will rise

together we will rise

Source: Visthar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year: 1997-98

Language: English

Artist: C.F.John, Mercy Kappen

Description: The idea was to reproduce the protective nature of women, even at the face of great danger.

The image of the two women sitting and sharing their grievances represents their universal solidarity and togetherness in times of distress and agony. It emphasises on the positive, affirmative, strong aspects of a woman in the face of adversity where one supports the other. The two-women symbolise togetherness in the face of adversity. The postures of women in conversation were extensively studied to derive the image. The coiled body language, as though it is of a child in a womb serves the dual purpose of portraying the flux of time captured within a woman and her insecurities, in this case the agony of war and fear of loss of her near and dear ones. The women with the wounded old man represent her compassion in the face of great danger. Also, her character as a protective mother. During this time, the artist was personally going through political turbulence and as he ran from one corner to post, he embraced himself wishing to seek the protection of his mother. This came across in his rendition of the poster for women’s day. The image in itself is a juxtaposition of two facets of women solidarity while the rough strokes were meant to convey a sense of distress and agony. In addition to this, compositionally the image debates the evil and good of war through the abstract version of the Yin and Yang.

Actual medium: Charcoal on paper

Other details: Landscape, black and white