It is often argued that social movements and organisations have tended to neglect rural India, preferring to take the easy option and remain in cities and towns. Yet these works by rural artists show something completely different. They represent strong voices against gender-based violence, and address issues such as widow remarriage, bride burning, dowry, domestic violence, women’s health, sex-selective abortion and HIV/AIDs. These various artworks prove beyond doubt that these issues remain real for women, no matter that they belong to urban or rural India.

A Woman’s Misery
Alcoholic Husband Beats Up Wife
Alcoholism and Domestic Violence
Wife beating-2
Wife beating-1
Women Suffer Everywhere
Oppression of Women
Campaign against Dowry
Widow Remarriage
The Wedding: Before and After
A Woman’s Work Is Never Done
Speaking against Sex-Selective Abortion
Bridegrooms for Sale. Brides for Burning.