women breaking barriers

women breaking barriers

Source: Visthar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year: 1994

Language: English

Artist: C.F.John, Mercy Kappen

Actual medium: Charcoal on paper

Other details: Landscape, black and white

Description: The idea was to emphasise the important role that women played in maintaining the order in a society and their active participation that keeps things in harmony. The thought revolved around the efforts of women in creating a society of justice.

This image was derived from the traditional folk style of art. The outer circle is a Wampum circle with fifty pendant strings made for the Confederacy of the 5 nations, the 1st step made by the North American Indians towards a settled nationhood. The story says that the coming of the White Man effectively destroyed it. This tool was a memonic, or a memory aiding device that was in the care of important tribal dignitaries who used to keep records of tribal history. The foundation of many of the tribes and the creation of their social institutions were ascribed by the Indians to mythical animals. The meaning in this particular image was re-interpreted to that of women being central to social togetherness, integrity and harmony. The image was a referrential product of the book New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology (Introduction by Robert Graves, published by Hamlyn: 18th impression-1984)

This is an independent production by the artist. However, discussions were held to ideate the theme for Women’s Day that year. Each year, the organisation picks up certain relevant themes, inspired by the dominant political scenario of feminism at that point of time. The quote was subsequently chosen to best capture the essence of the image.

Current condition: No more in circulation