let the fire spread

let the fire spread

Source: Visthar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year: 1991

Language: English

Artist: C.F.John, Mercy Kappen

Actual Medium: Lithope print-used for local theatres. The image was sketched on a plate and then printed

Other details: Demi size: 22 inches, portrait, colour

Description: The idea behind the poster was to portray the awakening of society due to the active role of women.

The theme for the year’s Women’s Day was chosen. After discussions, the caption for the theme was determined. The image was then painted to compliment the caption. The image depicts the active side of women through the Durga’s open eyed look. The flame like hair represents dynamism of a woman to consume and purify the society. The representation of the dynamic nature of women was greatly debated as flames could also depict destruction.