celebrating womankind

celebrating womankind

Source: Visthar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

(It was distributed at Beijing International Women’s Conference.)

Year: 1995

Language: English

Artist: C.F. John

Concept: Mercy Kappen (text taken from Hymn to Isis)

Actual Medium: Oil on Canvas, Calender

Publisher’s Name: Coordination Unit of Beijing Conference

Description: The calendar was produced as an outcome of the Beijing International Women’s Conference in 1995. The idea was to create paintings that would celebrate the true spirit and essence of womanhood.  However, the painting was already in existence before the conference. Of the many images submitted  by artists from across the world, this painting by C.F. John was selected as one of the images to be put on the calender.

This portrays the role of a woman as a nurturer. The image follows a circular discourse. The role of a woman is also depicted to be synonymous with that of the mother earth who identifies herself with the tiger. The body of the tiger is in the form of leaves representing it as an active force of nature. This image of the tiger is an existing construct derived from the tradition of the earth and has been adapted into the painting. It serves dual meaning of being the nature and playing a part in the natural order. It depicts the amalgamation of humanity and power, the eternal bestower, thus emphasising on the metaphorical facets of a woman. The circular composition of the narrative is intended to lend an organic and feminine feel to the portrait than a singular and linear one.