exercise your right to…

exercise your right to…


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Language: English

Design: Koshy Mathew, Mathew Philip and  R. Manohar

Actual Medium: Paper

Printer’s name: National Printing Press

Year: 3 May 2003


The poster depicts a bunch of red taped files bound together in a chain. Towards the bottom of the poster is a row of human figures holding together their raised hands. The image of the red taped files depicts the situation in government offices. The chains depict how the working of the government cannot be monitored or accessed because of the chains that hold them in secrecy. The row of people holding raised hands depicts the huge noise that should be raised by civil society, and the rights that we need to work for, together, in order to overcome the problems in society.

The poster was part of a campaign to promote and create awareness of the right to information among both the general public and the stakeholders. The design for the poster came about from various discussions between the members at SICHREM. The poster was distributed in Kannada throughout Bangalore. The English posters were distributed in various parts of India, during function, travel and so on. The poster generated a lot of queries with regard to the Right to Information Act. Even today, SICHREM conducts monthly meetings at Cubbon Park where people who have questions with regard to the Right to Information Act get together have their questions answered.