child abuse and trafficking 4

child abuse and trafficking 4

Source:  Sanlaap

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Language: Bangla

Other details: Portrait; black, white and red; paper


WHAT      IS        OPPRESSION         OF       A        CHILD?

PIC 1. To attack a child in order very often to get out of one’s own despair.

PIC. 2. To destroy the self confidence of a child.

PIC.3.  To not pay attention to a child.

PIC.4.  To not listen to what a child is saying.

PIC.5  To irritate a child for no reason at all.

PIC.6. To physically force a child into labour.

PIC.7. To introduce a child to obscene literature or activities.

PIC.8.  To touch a child’s body in places it will not like.

PIC.9. To make a child do whatever work one pleases.

PIC.10. To abuse a child verbally.

PIC.11. To neglect a child’s necessary medical treatment.

PIC.12. To not take proper care of a child. That is, not to keep the child clean and not provide for it’s food and clothing.

PIC.13. To exploit a child physically for sexual purposes.

PIC.14.To disregard the child’s need for education.