let not religions separate…

let not religions separate…

Source: Visthar

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year: 1994-95. Reproduced in 2002

Language: English, Kannada, Urdu

Design: C.F. John

Photography: Aba T.M.

Choreography: Tripura Kashyap

Publishers: Oxfam India

Description:  The installation was a part of a series on religious fundamentalism and communalism. The performance was choreographed and then photographed. It tries to define the various layers of diversity. 2 individuals playfully interact with the same connection. It celebrates the idea of pluralism. The leaves used were real. The story unfolds with each photograph. The first depicts curiosity, then eagerness to come together, coming together and then celebration of the event. For this, real leaves were used. The photographs came first and were adapted to the theme. This was used in addition with another poster where the mother hold sthe child and is running away to depict the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra riots.

It was used in World Social Forums, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Gulbarga Police Department used the imagery extensively. A Karnataka Rural Development organisation in Mudanahalli used the posters for awareness too.