statement of strength series 14

statement of strength series 14

Source: Provenance Unknown

Location: Gujarat

Language: Gujarati


Let us come together today

and take our village into our own hands


(on the left)

Gram Sabha (Village Committee)


– will consist of members who hold voting rights.

– will make plans to increase people’s participation.

-will conceive financial activities for the weaker sections and execute work entrusted by Taluka and the District Panchayat.

– Approve plans for development of the village.

-Approve the budget.

– A Gram Sabha is a committee formed by members in the voters’ list of the villages under the purview of the Panchayat.


Gram Sabha

We can call a Gram Sabha every two months.



(on the right)

What will the agenda of the Gram Sabha?


-Check accounts with the Gram Panchayat.

-Look at reports of work.

-Make the budget.

-Plan the development of the village.


Gram Panchayat


-The members of the Panchayat as well as the Sarpanch shall be elected directly by the people.

-The elected members shall choose the vice-Sarpanch.



Gram Sabha is the foundation of the Panchayat.

Gram Sabha is our right.