political participation series 11

political participation series 11

Source: Centre for World Solidarity

Location: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Language: Telugu


[Top blue column] – Village council rights in scheduled areas

Andhra Pradesh Panchayathi Raj (amendment) law (7/08) Date: 16.1.1998


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The village council has the right to resolve differences by respecting and securing the traditions, customs, cultural uniqueness and community resources of the villagers and also by keeping in mind the laws in practice at that time and ensuring that they are not harmed.

The recognition/election of the beneficiaries of the poverty eradication and other such programmes is solely the responsibility of the village council.

The village council should ratify and approve the usage of funds for the implementation of social and economic development/welfare programmes. The Village panchayat should receive the documents of ratification/approval from the village council.

[Text in the Centre] The village council should agree to the agendas and programmes of social and economic welfare as suggested by the village panchayat before they are implemented.