jantunashak davaa…

jantunashak davaa…

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Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Language: Gujarati


Keep the following in mind while spraying pesticide


(row wise)

Wear hand gloves or use plastic covers.

Cover your face with a cloth.

Wear glasses if possible.

Wear footwear or plastic covers on your feet.

Wear a full-sleeved shirt.

Take care to ensure that your entire body remains covered.


Do’s while using pesticide


Use a stick to stir the pesticide.

Spray the pesticide on the lower part of the plants, not on the top.

Bury pesticide boxes or bottles in the ground or throw them far away.

After spraying, wash your hands two or three times with soap and clean water.

Change your clothes immediately after spraying and keep them aside to be washed separately.


Don’ts while using pesticide


Do not wash pesticide boxes or bottles in running water.

Do not blow into the nozzle of the pump.

Do not let children below 15 years spray pesticide.

While spraying pesticide, make sure you are not facing the wind direction.


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