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One of the key motivations behind our undertaking Poster Women Project was to document a visual history of the women’s movement in India, and as we prepared to put the digital archive on the net, we also began to think of other ways of supplementing and enriching the information provided in the posters. We asked many women activists and academicians to write about their involvement in and visual memories of the women’s movement. Their accounts – personal, informal, varied – have been documented here.

This page has been created for you. You can write in with your comments and suggestions about the Poster Women archive, your experiences of working with posters and other visual material or of being involved with the women’s movement in general. You can also use this space to discuss any of the posters that are part of the archive or anything else that you feel would be of interest to people visiting this site.

The archive consists of more than 1500 posters of the women’s movement in India. Though we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, there are gaps that need to be filled. And for this we need your help. If you have information regarding any poster(s) or if you would like to contribute posters to the archive, please use this space to do so. Your help in making this archive as complete as possible will be much appreciated.

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